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  • WoW is based on existing and readily available technology.
  • WoW can deal with any pollutants and contamination in a way no other water purifier can: it concentrates contaminants and release pure water.
  • What is unique about WoW is the patented method.
  • WoW was initially targeted to areas which are deprived of clean drinking water.
  • WoW may be scaled up to big industrial plants to supply high volume of clean and healthy drinking water.




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Our failure proof and fault tolerant scaled up device, since 23rd of September 2014 has been operating at Saluggia's nuclear repository to separ...

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WoW - Wonderful Water

  • WoW is a revolutionary patented method to turn any contaminated water into pure drinking water.
  • WoW is a new device to turn water from any source into pure drinking water.
  • WoW is not based on reverse osmosis. WoW does not require any filter.
  • WoW may work with a lot of energy sources such as solar energy.
  • WoW will remove any and all contaminants from any water from any source.
  • WoW water purification is more efficient than existing methods by an order of 1-3-5 magnitudes.
  • WoW will supply you with pure potable drinking water anywhere.
  • WoW may be applied to additional applications such as radioactive water, removal of benzene/toluene on shale gas wells or petrochemicals plants, refining industrial process, cancellation of drag effect on distillation processes, etc.