Press kit

WOW Technology is focused on research and innovative technologies. In the last few years, WOW’s team of experts has developed a molecular separator based on the scientific discovery made by Dr. Adriano Marin, founder of the company.

The evaporators technology has been enhanced by an additional thermodynamic process applied inside the boiler and leveraging the evaporator’s performances to never experienced results. After three years of observation and studies of the phenomenon, WOW’s team profoundly understood and modelled the principles behind.

Completely based on classic physics principles, the discovery has been mathematically modelled and has guided to the related invention, allowing to develop an innovative evaporative process, completely predictable and controllable, to decontaminate any fluid solution from its pollutants.

In this way, WOW can separate the water molecules (or the molecules of any other solvent, even acid solvents) from any mud, metal, chemical agents even volatile agents, bacteria, virus, toxins, radioisotopes, etc. without any addition of filters, membranes, chemical additives, and especially without any, so called, evaporative “additional tools” (e.g. demister, distillation columns, bubble caps, etc.).

This process has been defined revolutionary, because, for the first time in the world, allows to control the typical entrainment or drag effect of the evaporation, both in reduction or amplification, providing:

WOW’s discovery and invention has already received granted patents in China, Eurasia, USA, Italy, Japan, etc.

To reach the presented results, supported by farsighted shareholders, WOW has been financed for years to perform researches and tests at the most recognized chemical labs of the industry: ARPAV of Padova, CNR of Padova, LENA (Applied Nuclear Energy Laboratory) of Pavia and University of Pavia Chemistry Department – Radiochemistry Area. 

Results has been excellent, demonstrating the superiority of WOW’s method by orders of magnitude in comparison with other existing processes, even with radioactive wastes: considering that a standard evaporator can reach a decontamination factor (DF) of 100 without “additional tools” in a single stage, WOW can reach a DF of 1 000 000 (one million).

During the latest tests at LENA, has been simulated a 6 000 (six thousand) times higher contamination level than the reactors’ cooling water in Fukushima-Daiichi, and WOW process has been applied, performing at least 5 000 (five thousand) times better than the decontamination system used at Fukushima-Daiichi plant.

From the experiences with this prototype, a scaled-up device has been engineered, failure proof and fault tolerant, certified as transportable.

Between end of year 2014 and beginning of year 2015, the scaled-up device has been operating at the nuclear repository of Saluggia (VC- Italy) where WOW has treated 45 m3 of radioactive acid solution (pH4,6) stored for over 30 years after having been used to wash solid surfaces of the near nuclear plant.

At the end of the treatment, WOW obtained 44 990 liters of pure water and around 10 liters of residual concentrated sludge with all the original 5 radioisotopes inside. In order to certify these results, University of Pavia Labs, LENA and the National Physical Laboratory of UK have been auditing the whole measures certifying the Decontamination Factor > 330 000 for Cs-137.

The achieved certified results confirmed that WOW’s mathematical model allow to engineer, on industrial scale, devices of every dimension for every flow rate needs, designing dedicated operative protocols to predict and manage outputs according to client requests in terms of solvent purity level and residual wastes concentration size. It’s also demonstrated that scaled-up devices can reach better performances than devices of smaller dimensions.

WOW has also been applied, by ARPAV laboratories of Padova, on waters with highly hazardous chemical and biological pollutants, obtaining far better performances than any other known method, e.g. reverse osmosis.

Given these tests with chemical and biological pollutants, WOW has been proven to be applicable on residual waters from industrial processes of the Oil&Gas industry as well of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and of the agricultural and urban wastes.