We are proud to announce that we have recently been accredited with the world’s most recognised quality management standard – ISO 9001.

Ing. Adriano Marin participated as speaker in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Conference in Durham. This was the topic of the session "Superior Process for the Treatment of Difficult Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Liquids"

Article published by DOE - US at Waste Management Symposia 2017 at Phoenix for HLW and ILW Radwaste management.

We participated as speaker to other numerous symposia and conferences/workshops to introduce our technology that is valid not for nuclear applications only

Reducing the volume of radioactive waste and other types of waste by extracting drinking water: it is what WOW technology can do. Since the discovery in 2005, the innovative purification process has been patented and has reached important milestones. We asked the inventor how it works.

The most revolutionary technique on the nuclear decontamination has reached an important turning point. Wow Technology has won a international bid of the US Department of Energy for the decontamination of radioactive liquid in South Carolina.