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“WoW – Wonderful Water” is an invented method that is able to purify any kind of polluted water without any filter.
It eliminates any microbiological element as well as solid and liquid contaminants concentrating them. Cleaning of fouling deposits, removed from water, can be easily performed.
It was originally developed for humanitarian reasons.
A prototype was realized and tested in order to prove method effectiveness.
It is a very simple but efficient, unique and performing technology.
This device is easy to be designed and produced.
This device can be enlarged to a bigger scale and method is scalable to large water treatment plants. A scaled up device could be quickly engineered and produced.
Invention patent was registered and it is owned by Cross Technology.
Recently an harsh test on highly contaminated water has been performed.
Measured data about contaminants abatement performance are summarized on abstract files at Annex (1) and (2).
“WoW – Wonderful Water” method is more selective and more efficient than other methods/systems. Annex (2) compares in details “WoW – Wonderful Water” method and molecular sieves methods.
This outsize selectivity method has several industrial and chemical applications,  beyond water depuration, but not only. “WoW – Wonderful Water” marketing can generate outperforming business. 
A very high metals rejection can be observed on abstract files of Annex (1) and (2). This method could effectively remove all radioactive metals (abatement factor in the range of 100000-400000) and other substances that may include radioactive elements.
Physics experts confirmed that, in theory, this method is suitable to effectively remove all radioactive elements even from complex contaminated water. A specific test has been performed with our prototype contaminating water with radioactive isotopes of elements such as Cs 137 and then in the next future a test will be performed with isotopes of  I, Zr, Sr.




“WoW - Wonderful Water ” is patented method able to purify any kind of polluted water without any filter

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