2018 EPA International Decontamination Research and Development Conference

Ing. Adriano Marin participated as speaker in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Conference in Durham. This was the topic of the session "Superior Process for the Treatment of Difficult Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Liquids".

This is the abstract of the presentation, discussing details of the treatment technology including applications in the nuclear and chemical industries.

WOW Technology and its subsidiaries WOW Nuclear Srl and WOW Kemical Srl has developed a superior process to treat many types of liquids including radioactive and hazardous wastes. This evaporation technology produces two products, a high-volume, clean liquid free of Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) constituents which can be released to the environment without further treatment, and a low-volume concentrated liquid or slurry containing the CBR constituents which can be further treated as needed for disposal. The process offers the following attractive features,

  • high volume reduction of the CBR liquid,
  • operates in batch or semi-continuous modes,
  • produces no secondary waste,
  • is modular and easily scaled to the volume of liquid requiring treatment,
  • the processing equipment is readily decontaminated (i.e., absence of recalcitrant deposits on internal surfaces) allowing relocation and reuse in other applications,
  • offers a Decontamination Factor ( DF ) that is an order of magnitudes better than existing evaporation methods, and
  • low capital and operating costs.

WoW at EPA 2018 Int. Conference REV.10A about Nuclear and Oil&Gas