BUSINESS24 presents Micro OXI: the disinfectant not improvised

Wow Kemical: the true disinfection professionals with numerous patents and a disinfectant formula unique on the market. It is very useful in times of pandemics. Adriano Marin tells us about it.
Wow Kemical is a well-established company in the field of decontamination and disinfection. Since 2009 and 2016 he has developed in-depth knowledge in nuclear decontamination and in the treatment of surfaces and liquids for purification, collecting numerous patents. The latest came in 2018 after the development of a formula based on the knowledge of the coronavirus in the animal field. From this formula came the production of a 98% natural disinfectant, non-toxic, super efficient and rapid.
From Micro OXI, this is the name of the disinfectant by Wow Kemical, then a whole line of derivations originated, including an alcohol-free hand gel and a sanitizer for surfaces. The importance of this product is given above all by the certifications it has obtained and by the ministerial authorization for sale, but also by the fact that it can be used as dry fog in environments.
Precisely in this last field of application, Wow Kemical has collaborated with a company in Mantua, in particular with a branch that deals with bioreactors for the production of animal and human vaccines, for the development of a machinery useful for the sterilization of environments in times of Covid-19. The formula, in fact, has been tested by a BSL - 4 maximum bio-safety laboratory and has been recognized as effective on the viral agent by SARS-CoV-2. The machine developed, now certified, makes it possible to spray environments - whether hospitals, subways, schools, theaters, cinemas, trains, restaurants, etc. - in just two minutes and sterilize them in four.
This unique formula on the market, therefore, has been combined with Industry 4.0 certified Made in Italy technology to ensure that all environments can be disinfected, sterilized and reactivated quickly in the event of contagion. And that's not all: dry fog is non-toxic and super rapid and can be spread even in the presence of people, the product leaves no residue and must not be removed from surfaces. The machine is then completely robotic, disinfects itself, issues a certified report at the end of the work and therefore protects the environment manager from a criminal point of view.
Wow Kemical and Micro OXI are already on the market with all possible official recognition and the goal is now to expand abroad, also in view of possible future applications, such as in hospitals.